Dave Rizzotto

Dave has a 15-year history of driving growth and profitability through brand building, strategic marketing, research, and analysis. He’s worked across industries such as small-business, corporate, not-for-profit, academia, and startup, including Discovery Channel, UCHealth, and Harvard.

Always curious, Dave doesn’t settle for asking consumers what they want. He immerses in the customer journey to discover what they need and how to solve their problems. This, together with an insight-driven approach, he identifies segments, creates differentiated touch points, and harvests demand.

On the creative side, Dave humanizes analytics through storytelling, always conscious that metrics are people. He activates brands through award-winning campaigns such as Ragan’s Health Care Grand Prize for Marketing Campaign of the Year, for innovating a men’s health vertical that increased engagement, qualified leads, and retention.

Dave believes a competitive advantage is formed by how quickly you learn. He’s constantly adding to his core expertise to provide validated recommendations and solutions. He’s daring, willing to experiment, watching for signs that may be new business opportunities. And, he has the courage to pivot, should a strategy not meet expectations.

In addition to growing your brand, Dave is producing documentaries like Redefining Waste and founding Reel Vision, a digital media program to empower at-risk teens.


Brendan Condit

Brendan is an entrepreneurial and creative thinker with years of experience building and managing authentic brands, both in-house and on the agency side.

With an MBA from Cornell University — focused on brand management and sustainable global enterprise — his expertise includes strategic marketing, communications management, integrated advertising and strategic business planning.

Whether motivating consumers to get active outdoors, advocating for sustainable textile development, or changing consumer behavior towards greater energy efficiency, Brendan is passionate about working with companies that advance social and environmental sustainability, deliver superior quality, innovative products, and seek to disrupt conventional business models.


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